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A Treasured Tradition

In St. Kitts, rum isn’t simply rum. It’s a remnant of a time when sugarcane fields covered the island; a tradition as enduring as the island itself. 

On the grounds of the oldest surviving distillery in the Caribbean, founder Jack Widdowson walks guests through the history of Old Road Rum. To understand what the future of rum production looks like in St. Kitts, you have to understand its past.

At Hibiscus Spirits, the soon-to-be RumMasters become makeshift mixologists with the help of owner Roger Brisbane: beakers, shakers, and droppers infuse the spirit with local flavors like Roselle Hibiscus calyx. Each addition adds nuance to the tasting experience—part ingenuity, part passion, part boldness.

It’s the story of St. Kitts, distilled into a single spirit.

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