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Explore St. Kitts

stkitts explore cant miss attractions hike up mt liamuiga

Can't-Miss Attractions

Hike Up Mt. Liamuiga

It’s hard not to notice Mount Liamuiga, though its peak is typically enveloped in hazy clouds. The dormant volcano is the island’s highest mountain, and offers challenging rainforest hikes to an impressive volcanic crater. At the top, the view is nothing short of spectacular—a rich reward for those who complete the 4+ hour hike.

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stkitts explore cant miss attractions ride the scenic trailway

Can't-Miss Attractions

Ride the Scenic Railway

A remnant of what was once the most profitable industry on the island, the St. Kitts Scenic Railway makes use of the rails that once transported sugarcane to the city, taking passengers on a three-hour journey into the island’s countryside. Enjoy unrivaled views, folkloric music, rum cocktails and sugar cakes served on board.

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stkitts explore cant miss attractions lime at the strip

Can't-Miss Attractions

Lime at
De Strip

The undisputed number one hot-spot on the island has been attracting partygoers since the 90s. Over the years, the area has developed to include a string of lively beach bars and restaurants, each with their own mix of music, dance, drinks, and vibes.

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stkitts explore cant miss attractions explore historical basseterre

Can't-Miss Attractions

Explore Historical Basseterre

Since 1627, Basseterre has served as the gateway to St. Kitts. The charming city streets are lined with shops, cafés, and museums as well as government buildings and a number of historical landmarks. If you want to experience St. Kitts at its most vibrant, its most energetic—this is the place. 

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a man and a woman on a cannon overlooking a body of water

Can't-Miss Attractions

Brimstone Hill Fortress

Brimstone Hill National Park is one of the country’s most significant historic sites. Construction of the UNESCO World Heritage Site by enslaved Africans lasted for over 100 years, and the formidable fortress was known as the Gibraltar of the Caribbean.

“This island has allowed me to open my heart more, to feel more, and to be more.”

– Mohini

by Water

stkitts explore by water catamaran cruised

Catamaran Cruises

Catamaran Cruises

Hop aboard a catamaran cruise, and spend the day sailing the warm seas that border the island. St. Kitts’ coastline forms a picturesque scene as you snorkel secluded coves, savor a refreshing lunch onboard, and dock up on a sandy beach for an afternoon of indulgent relaxation.

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Diving & Snorkeling

Diving & Snorkeling

St. Kitts’ diverse subaquatic ecosystems are just as lush and populous as the ones that lie above the surface. Historic shipwrecks, mysterious caverns, and near-shore reefs line the warm waters that surround the island, with depths that range from 30 to nearly 200 feet.

stkitts explore by water watersport rentals

Watersports Rentals

Watersports Rentals

When it comes to watersports, thrill is the name of the game. The best way to play is to jump right in—whether that means hopping on a jet ski, soaring high on a flyboard, or gazing out from above while parasailing.

stkitts explore by water paddleboarding



Gently glide along the Caribbean’s placid blues on a paddleboard, weaving in and out of St. Kitts’ signature volcanic rock formations as you explore the island. The slower you paddle, the better—you might just catch a lucky glimpse of a stingray or sea turtle passing by.


on Land

stkitts explore on land hiking left


Towering peaks, low valleys, and just about everything in between adorn St. Kitts’ rugged terrain. Novice hikers and expert climbers alike will find themselves spoiled for choice, with a diverse array of trails that climb up to 3,792 feet, through volcanic crater rims and rainforests.

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stkitts explore on land zippling left


Soar above the rainforest’s canopy at speeds of up to 80 km/hour on a ziplining adventure that offers up a one-of-a-kind view of the island.

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stkitts explore on land atv rides left

ATV Rides

Feel the undeniable rush as you explore St. Kitts’ countryside on an all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Your trusted guide will lead the way, past sugarcane fields and serene hillsides through colonial-era architectural relics, while providing a unique glimpse into the island’s storied past.

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Savor the Days

stkitts explore savor the days
stkitts explore taste of sublime dining

A Taste of the Sublime


The island’s cuisine is rich and flavorful, defined by French, Indian and Caribbean influences. A cherished tradition of sustainability and ingenuity results in a world-class culinary scene, where local chefs set tables with fresh-off-the-boat seafood and the season’s freshest harvest.

stkitts explore taste of sublime bars

A Taste of the Sublime


Where drinks are mixed and poured, the art of limin’ never lies far behind. Island flavors abound in cocktails served across the island, loaded with locally-sourced rum and topped with something equally sweet or smooth.

stkitts explore taste of sublime become a rummaster

A Taste of the Sublime

Become a RumMaster

Delight your spirit in a time-honored local tradition—drinking rum, joyfully. Delve into the island’s rummaking history, try your hand at small-batch production, and become a certified Kittitian RumMaster by afternoon’s end.

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Indulge in the finer

stkitts explore indulge in the finer things spa



Tap into ancient holistic traditions that nurture the mind and restore the soul. With the help of native flowers, spices, and volcanic stones, spa treatments throughout the island soothe the stressors of everyday life.

stkitts explore indulge in the finer things casinos



Try your luck with thrilling games of chance at the Royal Beach Casino, one of the largest and most luxurious in the Caribbean. Over 100 casino games, table games, live-feed bingo, and more tempt your competitive spirit.

stkitts explore indulge in the finer things shopping



From locally made natural beauty products to handmade Batik, organic treats, and one-of-a-kind  gems, the island’s artisans sell their stock at the many markets and craft shops that line the streets of Basseterre.


Explore Our History

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st_georges anglican church 588x368

St. George’s Anglican Church

The largest church in St. Kitts doubles as the site of a fiery religious battle. Its history is a tumultuous one that represents the island’s early life and the lengthy battles for dominance that defined it.

a church with a clock tower

Church of Immaculate Conception

The ornate Church of the Immaculate Conception is located on the eastern side of Independence Square, and stands today as a reminder of French influence on the island—as well as the religious battles over the practice of Catholicism that once took place.

st_ johns anglican church 588x368

St. John's Anglican Church

Overlooking the waters of the Atlantic crashing against the shore, St. Johns Anglican Church in Bellevue is a well-preserved relic of the colonial era and a fully functioning church, with services held weekly.

stkitts explore journey to the past romney manor

Romney Manor

Once the estate of Thomas Jefferson’s great-great-great-grandfather, the Romney Manor is a sprawling 17th-century estate that spans eight tranquil acres of nature and stately intrigue and is home to the largest living organism on the island—a 400-year-old Saman tree.

a large white house with a lawn

Fairview Great House & Botanical Gardens

A stunning display of colonial architecture, the Fairview Great House & Botanical Gardens is an estate that offers the chance to step into St. Kitts’ Old World past, with rum tastings, apiary tours, and a lush botanical garden with stunning views that border the sea.


The Government House

Bought in 1834 by Thomas Harper, a planter-merchant and Vestryman, today the Springfield House serves as the official residence of the Governor General of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, the island nation’s highest office.

a man and a woman standing on a stone wall

Wingfield Estate

Set in the picturesque foothills of the island’s central mountain range, Wingfield Estate dates back to the 17th century as the first land grant in the English West Indies. The grounds are historically significant, home to Amerindian petroglyphs and the oldest intact rum distillery in the Caribbean.

old treasury building 588x368

Old Treasury Building & Museum

The history of St. Kitts is well-preserved at the National Museum, located on the second floor of the Old Treasury Building. Detailed exhibits displaying the island’s 12th-century pre-Columbian history, indigenous cultures, early European settlement, and more are available, as well as cultural exhibits that feature visual art, films, and other audio-visual displays.

a person on a fountain

Independence Square

Originally known as Pall Mall Square, this public park in the heart of Basseterre was built in 1790 for slave auctions and council meetings. Its new name commemorates the independence of St. Kitts, celebrating the island’s—and its people’s—long path to freedom.

a clock tower with a weather vane

Berkeley Memorial

Built in 1883, this memorial stands at the center of Bassetterre’s circus, honoring Thomas Berkeley Hardtman-Berkeley—an important figure in St. Kitts history who served as colonel in the Kittitian militia, President of the Legislative Council, and Vice President of the Federal Council of the Leeward Islands.

a town next to a body of water


Explore Independence Square, Basseterre Circus, the national museum, and more with the help of a local guide—by afternoon’s end, you’ll discover more than a few secrets that tell the island’s story.

a beach with trees and water

Dieppe Bay

With its secluded coastline and volcanic black sand beaches, it isn’t hard to believe that Dieppe Bay’s unspoiled streets have been here as long as they have. Founded in 1853, its the oldest town founded by Europeans in the whole of the Eastern Caribbean.

a truck driving down a road

Old Road Bay

Sir Thomas Warner, along with his family and 14 other colonists, began the first permanent European settlement in the Leeward Islands on Old Road Bay. The Warner family estate served as the capital of St. Kitts until 1727.

Featured Story

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Freshness Is Served

At Liamuiga Natural Farms, everything on the menu is composed of natural ingredients grown just steps away, on prized farmland surrounded by protected rainforest. It’s farm to table dining, as it’s meant to be—organic ingredients, served with intention.