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About St. Kitts

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Here, time moves differently; slower, gentler. Daylight is savored as it illuminates each end of the island—from canopied rainforests and volcanic beaches in the north to the colorful sounds of the city center and the smooth shores that lie southward. Each of the island’s 23 verdant miles is unique and worthy of adventure—a promise, an invitation, and a challenge all at once.

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The most enchanting quality of St. Kitts is undeniably her people. Our culture is rich; our traditions are vibrant. Each is a testament to our history and sense of national pride.

You’ll feel St. Kitts from the moment you arrive: as the salty sea breeze perfumes the air; while you savor the rich flavors of nourishing homegrown produce; when you tap your feet to the energetic sounds of a string band or a local soca beat. The sense of ease and stillness will set the tone for your visit, serenaded by the rustling trees, chirping tree frogs, and waves lapping in the distance.

Speaking Kittitian

Our true Caribbean flavor and laid-back energy are best understood through our local expressions. Here’s a quick guide to some of the phrases you might hear in St. Kitts.


(pronounced Kittishun)

The name for locals, born and raised in St. Kitts.


(pronounced Neeveeshun)

The name for locals on our sister island, Nevis.


(Pronounced Lie Men)

Hanging out, kicking back, chilling. The art of having a good time.

Me Aarm

(pronounced Mee Ahrm)

Oh my! Really?

Wuk Up!

(Pronounced Wawk Up)

Gyrating dance, specifically to sweet soca music.

Donkey Years

(Pronounced Donkey Years)

A long time.

M’ain Know

(Pronounced Main Know)

I don’t know.

Picki Nyehga

(pronounced Pickee Nayga)

A child.

A Lord Doh

(Pronounced Ah Lord Doe)

What a pity.

Quick Facts

stkitts ourisland quick facts compass First English Colony in the Caribbean
stkitts ourisland quick facts island Smallest Country in the Americas
stkitts ourisland quick facts mountains Originally named Liamuiga, or “fertile land”
shape, circle Home to 44 Unique Varieties of Mango
stkitts ourisland quick facts cricket National Sport: Cricket
stkitts ourisland quick sugar city Nicknamed “Sugar City”
stkitts ourisland quick facts poinciana National Flower: Poinciana
stkitts ourisland quick facts greenhouse Site of the Largest Greenhouse in the Caribbean
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November - January

A Joyful Fete

Sugar Mas

Visitors know it as “Carnival.” We call it Sugar Mas. It’s an annual cultural festival that spans the entire month of December, extending into the new year—marked by an array of energetic parties, pageants, and street parades that culminate in island-wide celebration. Elaborate costumes designed with vibrant colors fill the streets while the sweet sounds of local band music and soca fill the air. Moko jumbies, masqueraders, and other folklore groups enchant crowds with rich storytelling performances, dances, and more.

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Limin' 101

Here, we take the art of enjoying life seriously—we call it limin’. To lime is to feel the sun’s warmth as it bounces off your skin, and the tug of waves as you dive into the water for a midday swim. It’s as simple as a hammock tucked between two palms, or an evening spent bouncing between bars on De Strip with a new friend.

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Limin' 101

Spend a Day on The Farm


Belle Mont Sanctuary Resort | (869) 465-7388

A pool, fitness center, and other facilities invite you to explore 400 acres of lush farmland. Experience Belle Mont Sanctuary Resort — and enjoy a welcome drink and three-course signature lunch — for only USD$75. Please note: Passes must be booked 24 hours in advance.

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stkitts ourisland limin 101

Limin' 101

Lime on De Strip


Singularly spirited, De Strip is where St. Kitts goes to have fun. Hop from beach bar to beach bar, and learn how to lime firsthand.

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Limin' 101

Live Music at Shiggidy Shack


Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack
(869) 663-4578

There's no better place to catch an island vibe than Mr. X's Shiggidy Shack. A traditional gathering spot for expats and tourists, this Strip favorite sits right on the beach. Enjoy live local music with a view on Thursdays at 6:00 p.m.

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Limin' 101

Dive Into Palm’s Court


Palm Court | (869) 465-6060

Take a break from all that salt water, and go for a leisurely swim at Palm's Court. Make a reservation, and save a little, too: Students and children are eligible for a 10% discount.

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Limin' 101

Lobster Fest


Reggae Beach Bar & Grill
(869) 762-5050

Barbecue shrimp. Grilled mahi mahi. Okra, plantains, and pumpkin fritters. Savor the best of the West Indies at this outdoor, all-you-can-eat buffet. Make your reservations ahead of time, though — this is one popular dinner.

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Limin' 101

Sunbathe at Spice Mill


Spice Mill | (869) 762-2160

Spice Mill’s reputation for delicious, island-fresh cuisine and refreshing craft cocktails is just the beginning. Plan on lounging under a beach umbrella and soaking up some of the best views on the island.

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Limin' 101

Waterfront Stage


The Dock Beach Bar | (869) 465-8597

Don't let the weekend pass you by: Every Sunday, Timothy Beach Resort's Dock Beach Bar turns into a waterfront stage for some of St. Kitts' best bands and DJs.

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stkitts ourisland history
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Early History
& Colonial Times1493 - 1712

For most of its early history, St. Kitts was inhabited by the Kalinago, who called it Liamuiga (“fertile island”). The island’s formally recorded history begins in 1493, following the arrival of Christopher Columbus during his second voyage of discovery. The island was originally named St. Christopher—a nod to the patron saint of travelers—and later shortened to the one we know today. By 1623, both British and French forces had settled on the island, making St. Kitts the first non-Spanish European colony in the Caribbean.

Rise of
Sugar City 1713 - 1983

In 1712, St. Kitts was ceded to the British through the Treaty of Utrecht. Sugar production skyrocketed under British rule, and by 1776, the island had become the richest British colony in the Caribbean. The production of sugar continued to play a crucial role in the island’s economy, even after the abolishment of slavery in 1834. In 1983, independence was granted—and a new chapter began, for its citizens as well as its economy.

A New
Horizon1983 - Today

In the years that have followed St. Kitts’ independence, the smallest country in the Caribbean has matured into a thriving cultural hub, worthy of its location on the global stage. Visitors arrive from all over the world, allured by its deep sense of history and tradition, its rugged landscapes, and its novelty that remains unrivaled among islands in the Caribbean.

“This island here, St. Kitts—the richest of them all. This was the icing on the cake.”

– Leonard Stapleton

Historian & Tour Guide